Thursday, April 29, 2010

New Projects - "Befores"

I've started a few new projects around the house

1) Grooming the flower beds
My front flower bed has been taken over by grass...when they built the house the landscapers did not do a good job laying down the weed protection fabric


This picture really doesn't show the overtaking very well. A lot of the grass and weeds are in the back plus the picture was taking about a month ago (I forgot to take a picture before I starting taking out my frustration on the flower bed).  I'm making great progress and will post an after picture when it's complete

2) Making my curtains longer


I have really high ceilings in my house (9ft to the ceiling and then it vaults up to like 16ft.) My curtains are the standard height just don't look great mounted so low when you are dealing with such high ceilings.

Soooo, here's my plan.  I'm going to make them longer. I bought some cream linen fabric to sew onto the top.  I will move the rod up to just below the ceiling line.  Then I want to add some large wooden buttons to add to the look.  Here is my inspiration picture (thanks to the wonderful Bonnie who's helping me get over my design hump)

Image from West Elm

I will post After pictures when my projects are completed!

Happy Thursday!


  1. How are those projects coming along?

    I'm gonna call you sooooon.... :)


  2. Happy Mother's Day! You have an award on my page.